Intro to Cloud Deployment with Heroku [2019]

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Learn to deploy a Phaser-made MMORPG to the cloud with Heroku, and allow players around the world to access your game. This platform as a service (PaaS) builds and operates your programs entirely on the cloud, and through this course, you’ll gain the skills needed to create a publically accessible server – all while letting Heroku handle some of the backend server management for you. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use MongoDB Atlas, another cloud service for deploying and managing your databases, to complete the deployment process for a seamless, multiplayer server setup.

You will learn how to:

  • Configure Heroku to deploy your game
  • Set up a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster to store your database
  • Update your code in Express to work with Heroku and MongoDB Atlas
  • Deploy your game to Heroku using Heroku’s CLI
  • Test your deployment locally and over your Heroku-hosted server

Knowledge of Node.js, Phaser, and using Terminal/Command Line.

Tools and Frameworks

Phaser 3.16.2, Web Server for Chrome 0.4.8, Socket.IO 2.2.0, Node.js 11.6.0, npm 6.5.0, Express 4.17.1, Postman, Nodemon 1.18.10, Body-Parser 1.19, Cookie-Parser 1.4.4, Passport.js 0.4.0, MongoDB Shell 4.0.10, Mongoose 5.5.15, Nodemailer 6.2.1, bCrypt 3.0.6, JSON Web Tokens 8.5.1, Webpack 4.36.1, Babel 7.5.0, ESLint 6.1.0, Docker 18.09.2, Docker Compose 1.23.7, Heroku, MongoDB Atlas

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