VR Game Development 101 – Platform Setup [2017]

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This free virtual reality tutorial is a subset of lessons from VR Game Development for Beginners, which is included as a part of our all-access package.

Learn to create your own VR experiences and games!

Virtual reality has pioneered a new direction for all of development and is one of the hottest topics in the industry. Not only has VR technology allowed game developers to enhance games in novel ways, but education and businesses alike have both founds ways to utilize VR experiences for job training and more. With the market for virtual reality increasing every year, developers who invest in these skills will have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of them and numerous, never-before-seen projects!

This free tutorial will help you step into the world of virtual reality and walk you through creating your first VR experience in the Unity game engine. You’ll learn key skills both for setting up a VR project for different virtual reality headsets, and also for applying common game mechanics for a VR setting. No matter the primary industry you want to learn for, these VR development skills will set you up for success by providing you a solid foundation of skills to expand on!

You will learn how to:

  • Understand how VR and VR development works
  • Apply common design principles to VR games
  • Transport a player to different locations
  • Move players along a planned path
  • Set up Unity for various headsets including:
    • Google Cardboard (Android and iOS)
    • Gear VR
    • Oculus
    • HTC Vive / OpenVR-compatible headsets (standing experience only)


Unity Certified Experts

This curriculum has been designed by instructors who have been certified by Unity Technologies and CompTIA in recognition of their programming excellence.

As a Unity Authorized Learning Partner, Zenva’s courses satisfy the highest standards in terms of both quality and relevancy.

This course assumes basic to intermediate Unity skills.

Tools and Frameworks

Recorded in Unity 5.6 (Updated to Unity 2021 LTS), Blender 2.7

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