Introduction to Node.js

Learn the fundamentals of Node.js – the server-side solution for Javascript that allows you to build fast web applications!


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This course is a sample of lessons from Node.js For Beginners – Create Server-Side Apps with JavaScript

Developed by Ryan Dahl and build on the Google V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is an open source, cross-platform framework that can be used to create highly scalable server-side applications and games. From running HTTP servers, to handling multiple client requests, showing HTML content and reading from files, Node has the flexibility and features needed to help you to create sleek and professional apps and games.

This course will introduce you to the core fundamentals of Node.js, where you will:

  • Install Node
  • Set up a Node “Hello World”
  • Understand how the Node.js engine works
  • Learn about the Node loop, and how it performs non-blocking I/O operations
  • Use the Node Package Manager
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  • A code editor
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge