Introduction to Numpy

Numpy Matrices and Vectors

Take advantage of the Numpy library and build powerful arrays and matrices


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This title is part of the Python Computer Vision Mini-Degree

Numpy is a library used in python, containing data structures and functionality that allow for the usage of powerful and functional arrays and matrices. With the ability to build arrays that are considerably faster than the regular lists in Python, and to make more efficient mathematical computations, Numpy’s applications range from data science to machine learning, game development, and more.

After being shown how to download and install Anaconda and Jupyter, you will learn:

Numpy arrays: 

  • Creating numpy arrays
  • Fetch operations
  • Modification operations

Numpy matrices 

  • Creating numpy matrices
  • Fetch operations
  • Modification operations

About the Python Computer Vision Mini-Degree

The Python Computer Vision Mini-Degree is an on-demand curriculum featuring 8 professional-grade courses that are suitable for beginners and more advanced developers alike. This innovative program will teach you how to code in Python, master the fundamentals of Numpy, and understand the core concepts underlying computer vision, including how images are represented and can be manipulated, pattern detection, and video and optical flow.

With such an understanding of these powerful technologies, you’ll be prepared to take on the world as a well-informed and highly prepared developer.
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  • Basic Python skills
  • No experience is needed in Numpy or in working with matrices and specialized arrays