iOS 7 App Development for Beginners

iOS 7 App Development for Beginners


Lean how to code in Objective-C and how to make awesome apps for the new iOS 7. No prior knowledge required!

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Learn from scratch how to make awesome iPhone apps for the latest iOS 7. Publish them in the App Store and show them to your friends. Make your app ideas a reality.

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In this course, you’ll learn how to program in¬†Objective-C¬†from scratch, how to use XCode¬†and how to make¬†iOS 7 apps¬†for the iPhone.

The course is for beginners. It is not a computer science course, but we cover¬†all the way from zero to making simple apps. Through out the course we’ll code real, fully featured iOS 7 app¬†that you can use as a starting point for your own projects.

What’s covered in the course:

  • Learn how to program in¬†Objective-C¬†from scratch, even if you don’t have any programming experience!
  • Using¬†XCode¬†to create the¬†User Interface¬†(UI) of your app in both a visual manner and by coding. We’ll look at several UI elements.
  • Navigation¬†in your app. Make buttons and menus that take you where you want to go.
  • Mastering¬†Table Views, a center piece in many iOS.
  • Using the¬†Camera.
  • Storing information with¬†Core Data.
  • Running processed in the background with Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).
  • Using¬†gestures¬†in your apps.
  • Adding¬†animations¬†to your apps.

The course can be divided in three main blocks:

  1. Learning Objective-C.
  2. iOS 7 App Development Basics (XCode, UI, APIs, etc).
  3. Building Epistle, a real world application.

This course is taught by Mohit Deshpande, professional app trainer and developer, in collaboration with Pablo Farias Navarro, developer and founder of Zenva.

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Course Requirements

-You need an Apple computer to make iOS apps.

-In order to publish apps to the App Store you'll need to enroll in the iOS Developer Program which is $99 a year for individuals.

-No prior knowledge is required, but it certainly helps if you have any.