JavaScript 101 – First Programming Steps [2020]

This free course has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Get our latest courses on JavaScript through our all-access package.

JavaScript is one of the world’s most important languages and is used by developers around the world. Crucial for both web development and building HTML5 games, mastering this powerful tool will set you up for success as a developer.

This course will give you strong foundations in JavaScript by exploring the language’s syntax as well as the primary coding principles needed to develop with the language. No matter your goals, these essential skills can be expanded to build your own games, websites, mobile and Internet of Things apps, and more!

You will learn how to:

  • Store static and dynamic data with variables
  • Use common operators to calculate data
  • Store data in arrays and dictionaries
  • Improve functionality with conditionals and loops
Basic HTML and CSS skills. Students should have a code editor (such as Sublime or Atom) installed, as well as a browser.
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