JavaScript 101 – First Programming Steps

JavaScript is one of the world’s most important programming languages. Crucial for both web pages and building HTML5 games, the JavaScript programming language is widely used for a variety of purposes – including powering some of NASA’s crucial space missions! Mastering this powerful programming language will not only set you up for success as a developer, but allow you to create robust web applications for both client side and backend interactivity.

Through this JavaScript tutorial, you’ll explore JavaScript basics from the ground-up, learning not only important programming language syntax, but practical application of each coding principle. You’ll also explore how using JavaScript let’s you solve different sorts of problems, which can be used to form the basis of games, websites, mobile apps, Internet of Things apps, and more. Regardless of your coding goals, learning JavaScript programming will provide you an essential skill to your toolkit as you build your first JavaScript programs!

You will learn how to:

  • Store static and dynamic data with variables & arrays
  • Calculate data with common math operators
  • Improve functionality with conditionals and loops
  • Reuse common pieces of code with functions & methods
  • Use object-oriented programming (JavaScript objects, classes, etc.)
  • Explore how JS is used for web pages

… and more!

No prior programming experience is required. We do recommend basic familiarity with HTML.

Tools and Frameworks


Learn JavaScript, a powerful programming language, and gain skills that can be used to build games, websites, apps, and more

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