Jr Coder – Digital Systems Academy

Technology is a core part of modern society, and it positively impacts how we approach and solve problems.

Digital systems, a combination of hardware and software, are what give technology functionality. With them, we’re able to store and transfer data of all kinds – from retail order information to telling your monitor what visuals to display.

In the Jr Coder – Digital Systems Academy, you’ll explore the fundamentals of digital systems and learn from the ground up how computers work. Focusing on hardware, networking, data, and how they all play a role in shaping our world, you’ll be prepared to interact with technology in everyday life and make the digital solutions of tomorrow!

You will learn about:

  • How digital systems solve problems
  • Impacts of digital technologies
  • Computer hardware functionality
  • Data representation and transfer
  • Roles of different systems
  • Networking and security concerns


Who Is This Curriculum For?

The Jr Coder – Digital Systems Academy has been designed to make it easy for ANYONE to learn about digital systems and computers, including:

  • Young learners (ages 9+)
  • Teenagers
  • Adults with no prior computer experience
  • Educators looking for classroom-friendly content
  • Homeschoolers looking for modern courses that can be taken at home

No prior computer experience is needed to get started with these courses – they’re 100% beginner-friendly!

Understand the Foundations of Technology

The Jr Coder – Digital Systems Academy goes beyond surface-level content – it’s designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind technology.

You’ll actively practice what you’ve learned with interactive challenges, so you can ensure that you’re retaining your new skills.



Jr Coder - Digital Systems Level 1

  • Hardware vs. software
  • Peripheral devices
  • Digital system principles
  • Internal computer components

Jr Coder - Digital Systems Level 2

  • Connecting computers
  • Data transmission
  • Types of connections
  • LANs vs. the internet

Jr Coder - Digital Systems Level 3

  • Binary functionality
  • ASCII text codes
  • RGB color
  • Audio sampling rates

Jr Coder - Digital Systems Level 4

  • Operating systems
  • Data compression
  • Encryption
  • What’s the DNS


Why Learn About Digital Systems?

No matter where you look, technology is being adopted in every industry at increasing rates. With STEM and computer jobs on the rise as well, understanding the digital systems around us has become more important than ever before – especially for younger generations. As a stepping stone before diving into computer science, digital systems pave the way to being actively involved in how technology impacts our society.

Line chart forecast of spending on digital transformation, with $2.8 Trillion estimated by 2025


We start with the absolute basics and go through everything step-by-step – so even if you have zero experience in programming, you’ll be able to easily follow along.

More experienced? Whether you’re wanting to brush up, expand your skills, or learn a new technology, our courses are structured in a way that makes it easy to skip ahead to the lessons that are relevant and interesting to you.


Zenva’s courses feature quick challenges that will speed up your learning.

Access live coding lessons where you can practice coding right in your browser, and instantly see the results of any changes you make to the code:

Reinforce key concepts with in-course quizzes, which appear throughout courses:


Our course instructors aren’t just fun to learn from – they’re also serious gamers, qualified coders, and have been formally certified by Unity Technologies and CompTIA for their excellent programming and teaching skills. That way, you can be confident that you’re developing strong, modern skills that will set you up for success as a game developer.