The Complete Android Development Course – Build 5 Apps

Learn Java and Android programming from scratch by following a project-based approach


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What if you could learn, from total scratch, to code in Java and make your own Android phone and wearable apps?

In this course, you will learn to create your own Android apps from scratch using Java. The course includes 5 Real-World apps fully explained and built from the ground up + the Wearable API so that you can code your own smart watch apps too.

By the end of this course, you will be qualified to design (using Material Design) and code your own Android apps whether it’s for your clients, or for yourself as an entrepreneur.

This course uses Android Marshmallow and the code is compatible with the latest Android releases.

Some of the main topics included in this course:

  • Material Design
  • ListViews
  • Networking
  • Location
  • Databases
  • Android Wear Cards

What if you don’t know Java?

Not a problem! the first module of the course is a Java introductory course for total beginners. If you already know Java, you can take it as a review or just skip it and jump straight into the Android content.

About the instructor

This course was created by Mohit Deshpande, professional app developer (iOS and Android) and trainer. Mohit has been making Android apps for 5 years and has authored several courses at ZENVA, taken by over 25k students. The course is fully produced by ZENVA and follows the same Learn by Doing approach you find in our other titles.

Cool apps you’ll be building

1) Hello Bob – A hello world app to get you up and running.

android M app development tutorial - app 1

2) Unit Converter – A handy tool used to convert between different units of length.

android M app development tutorial - app 2

3) World Geography Game – Among a list of countries of the world, try to pick out the fictional ones!

android M app development tutorial - app 3

4) Android Weather – A forecast app that grabs the 7-day forecast for your city. This app will teach you how to connect to third-party API’s.

android M app development tutorial - app 4


5) Android Notepad – At the culmination of our Android knowledge, an app that allows us to create notes.

android M app development tutorial - app 5


6) Learn the basics of wearable app development

android M wearable app tutorial

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    -No programming experience required. Java is covered from scratch.
    -You need to install the Android SDK.
    -To create Android apps you need a Google Developer Account.

Learn Java and Android programming from scratch by following a project-based approach

  • On-demand, 24/7 access


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