Learn Ruby on Rails for Absolute Beginners

Learn Ruby on Rails for Absolute Beginners


This course will get you started with Ruby on Rails programming quickly and easily.

Product Description

This course will get you started with Ruby on Rails programming quickly and easily.

This Ruby on Rails programming Course is, suitable for anyone who wants to use Ruby on Rails for any purpose. Whether you intend to use Ruby for Rails development, at the command line, or for writing GUI applications, or developing database enabled web applications, this is the place to start.

The course consists of nearly four hours of training with 6 sections in total. We only assume that you have some grasp of basic Object Oriented Programming (what classes and objects are and how to use them). You will learn:

  • How to set up Ruby on your computer (you may already have it!)
  • How to create Ruby source code
  • Running Ruby interactively at the command prompt
  • Variable and constant syntax
  • Control structures (loops and if statements)
  • Arrays and how to use them
  • Ruby method definitions
  • Classes and objects in Ruby
  • Implementing inheritance
  • Method access in Ruby
  • Model / View / Controller
  • Creating a new Rails app
  • Creating an app with a scaffold
  • Embedding Ruby in HTML
  • Adding & Deleting the contact to the database
  • Linking from the home page to the contacts index
  • And many more

Ruby is is both unique and elegant. This course will get you started with Ruby on Rails programming quickly and easily. The course is broken into simple digestible steps. We take a hands-on “learn by doing” approach and our focus is to make you productive right from go!

This course is for newbie programmers or developers who want to get up to speed with the most popular language of the moment.

The course is suitable for anyone who has some programming knowledge. Ruby on Rails is fun to learn, and a very powerful for any serious programmer. I hope you join us.


  • Beginning of Ruby on Rails
  • Getting Ruby Editors
  • Hello World with Puts and Gets
  • Interactive Ruby Prompt with int, float & string
  • Variables and Constants
  • Conditions in Ruby with If, elsif, and else
  • If and unless Statement Modifiers
  • Special Variable Types in Ruby ($ @ and @@)
  • Loops in Ruby
  • Arrays in Ruby
  • Hashes in Ruby
  • Method Syntax in Ruby
  • Block Syntax in Ruby
  • Classes Properties and Methods
  • Attributes in Ruby
  • Inheritance in Ruby
  • Method Access Discussion
  • Method Access demo
  • Installing of Rails
  • Model View Controller
  • Rails App Directory Structure
  • Creating a New Rails Project
  • Rendering Text in the Browser
  • New Application with a Scaffold
  • The People Project a Contact List Creating a Controller and Index View
  • Creating Resources a Controller and a View
  • Demo of Resource Controller and View Creation
  • Adding Embedded Ruby to the View
  • Creating and Migrating the Model
  • Showing the Added Record
  • The Index Action and Erb
  • Adding Links
  • For Validation with Regular Expressions
  • Deleting a Record
  • Updating a Record
  • Refactoring

Course Requirements

The course is Suitable for Anyone Who has Some Programming Knowledge

Installation Rails Framework is Required

You need to have some grasp of basic Object Oriented Programming

For Windows OS You will have to install Ruby


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