Learn Sketch 3 Graphic Design from Scratch

Learn Sketch 3 Graphic Design from Scratch

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Learn Sketch 3 mobile app design app and cancel those Adobe CS subscriptions today.

$29 $7
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$29 $7


Do you use Photoshop and Illustrator to create your designs? Just getting into design and wondering how you can afford all that expensive software? Learn the award winning Sketch 3 graphic design Mac app and cancel those expensive Adobe CS subscriptions today.

How This Course Is Structured

This Sketch 3 graphic design course is perfect for beginners and experienced designers alike. After a short introduction to what Sketch 3 is and what it can do, you’ll dive right in to learning all of Sketch 3’s tools by working on projects. No boring tool-by-tool walk-through of Sketch 3 before getting to the good stuff.

3 Projects Included

You will complete three main projects in this course:

  1. 1. Mockup of a Facebook-style app
  2. 2. Creating a set of Icons
  3. 3. Creating a splash screen

These projects are designed to teach you just about everything you need to know to use Sketch 3 professionally.

* Sketch 3 is a Mac only app


Course Requirements

Free trial version of Sketch 3 or the full version

A Mac computer

No prior design experience needed

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