Learn Sketch 3 Graphic Design from Scratch

Learn Sketch 3 Graphic Design from Scratch


Learn Sketch 3 mobile app design app and cancel those Adobe CS subscriptions today.

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Product Description

Do you use Photoshop and Illustrator to create your designs? Just getting into design and wondering how you can afford all that expensive software? Learn the award winning Sketch 3 graphic design Mac app and cancel those expensive Adobe CS subscriptions today.

How This Course Is Structured

This Sketch 3 graphic design course is perfect for beginners and experienced designers alike. After a short introduction to what Sketch 3 is and what it can do, you’ll dive right in to learning all of Sketch 3’s tools by working on projects. No boring tool-by-tool walk-through of Sketch 3 before getting to the good stuff.

3 Projects Included

You will complete three main projects in this course:

  1. 1. Mockup of a Facebook-style app
  2. 2. Creating a set of Icons
  3. 3. Creating a splash screen

These projects are designed to teach you just about everything you need to know to use Sketch 3 professionally.

* Sketch 3 is a Mac only app


  • Introduction
  • Instructor Bio
  • Overview of Projects In This Course
  • What You Will Know By the End of This Course
  • Getting the Software
  • Introduction
  • Building the Application
  • Exporting Your Project
  • Getting Design Templates and Other Resources
  • Editing Templates To Create Designs
  • Working with Pages in Sketch 3
  • Applying Styles Across Pages
  • Working with Shapes and Symbols
  • Project: Creating a Set of Icons
  • Tools Wrapup
  • Project: Creating a Splash Screen
  • Course Wrapup

Course Requirements

Free trial version of Sketch 3 or the full version

A Mac computer

No prior design experience needed


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