Lookup Functions for Excel

Find the data you need fast with Excel’s lookup functions!

For larger collections of data, locating certain information about your data is vitally important to effectively analyze it. Lookup functions are one way by which spreadsheets allow us to automate the process of finding values and storing information about them – making data management much easier.

You’ll explore the various lookup functions Excel has to offer you and learn how to implement them to store valuable information about sets of data. Using various kinds of sample data, you’ll also master how and why these techniques can be applied to many different situations for effective decision-making.

No matter the size of your data sets, lookup functions are a powerful tool that will level up your Excel skills and give you the knowledge you need to process your data productively.

This course assumes familiarity with Excel and intermediate knowledge of Excel formulas.

You will learn how to:

  • Find data in columns with VLOOKUP
  • Locate data in rows with HLOOKUP
  • Match data in various ways
  • Handle errors with user-friendly techniques
  • Utilize column index numbers for searches
  • Pair INDEX and MATCH functions

General familiarity with Excel and an intermediate understanding of Excel formulas

Tools and Frameworks

Microsoft Excel 2019

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