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Make 3D Game Characters with MakeHuman and Blender

A faster way to build 3D game characters for your projects


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In this course, you learn how to create 3D models in MakeHuman and Blender3D. MakeHuman is a free software that you can use to create realistic 3D humans. It makes designing models fast and intuitive.

Building detailed 3D Characters can be difficult and time consuming. In today’s world of powerful devices, high-poly models are becoming more ubiquitous. The higher the poly, the harder it is to make a model look good. MakeHuman and Blender take this problem head-on. These powerful programs make it easy to design characters. The best part about this course is that both Blender and MakeHuman are open-source and free!

Blender is a powerful program that can be used to make art assets, including characters. Blender is cross-platform. The art you make in Blender is easy to add to games or other projects. Even if you’re not an artist, you can make basic art models.

Let’s get started!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn MakeHuman, Blender, or Unity.
  • Anyone who wants to learn game design.
  • Anyone who wants to design 3D characters digitally.
  • This course is targeted towards complete beginners.
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    • To follow along with these tutorials, you will need the following programs: MakeHuman, Blender, and Unity.
    • MakeHuman, Blender, and Unity are free to download. Please download and install the programs before purchasing this course.
    • This course was recorded on a Mac computer, but you can use MakeHuman, Blender, and Unity on a PC.