Make Mobile Game Art with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator for Mobile Game Art – A Beginners Guide

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Learn how to create mobile game art in illustrator just by using basic concepts, essential tools and proven workflows


Product Description

“I really enjoyed going through this course. Rafael doesnt just teach you how to use some important tools in Adobe Illustrator, but he also teaches you the right techniques to use these tools to create good looking graphics in an easy way…”

-Eli Solowej, Make Mobile Game Art Student

Making mobile game art is never hard. All you need is the right mentor who can cut through the clutter and show you the core concepts, essential tools and proven workflows you only need to learn in order for you to become a mobile games artist.

Have you ever wanted to create mobile game art?

Make vector game art for video games?

But you struggle or get overwhelmed because you think there’s so much you need to learn?

Questions and doubts arise.

-What are the concepts you need to learn?

-What tools to use?

-What workflows actually work?

-Do I even have to know how to draw?

-You have an idea but you just can’t seem to create it the way you want it? And mobile game art creation is a bit overwhelming to you?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Learning illustrator and creating professional mobile game art is EASY!

There’s just to much clutter being taught everywhere and it handicaps you to actually learn and create the artwork you want. If you want to make mobile game art, improve your workflows and implement best practices to your game art creation process, this course is for you.

No shortcuts, just pure real world workflows! You can actually have the result you want in the fastest time possible and still create professional mobile game art. I have designed the course to let you have first-hand experience and be more confident in using illustrator upfront and get up and running in the quickest time possible and start making your own mobile game art.

Just practical, proven workflows to a professional mobile game art, fast and top-quality art.


Give yourself a fresh new perspective in using Adobe Illustrator and making mobile game art in this beginners course now.

Save yourself from the headaches, clutter and overwhelming number of illustrator tools by only learning the core concepts, essential tools, workflows and best practices.

Take action because the one that get’s the first hand experience in anything are the one’s that learn best.

This course is mainly Adobe Illustrator for Mobile Game Art, but you can still follow along and use other similar software that has similar tools.

What are the requirements?

  • No Prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or any art concept needed!
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 and up! or other vector program which has similar tools that I will discuss
  • Your dedicated time and 100% attention. You will be thought with the basics and pro tips at the same time.
  • Know at least basic commands in Illustrator or already knows how to navigate. If you are completely new to the software. Even Better!
  • An open, inquiring mind-its best if you have illustrator open at the same time so you can follow along. Experience is your best Teacher
  • Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts, only faster ways of doing things!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 39 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Learn how to make mobile game art with Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn the fundamentals of mobile game art creation. From concepts and theories to real world applications
  • Learn how to use the right tools necessary for game art creation
  • Learn the best practices and workflows when making game art and speed up your workflow 10x
  • Have the proper mindset when creating game art, be a lot more creative and look at things from a professional artists eyes.
  • Create mobile game art with with no in-depth knowledge of Art concepts
  • Appreciate Game Art creation and choose to either make it a fun hobby or one of the best jobs in the world!


  • Introduction - About the course and how to contact the instructor
  • Meet the Instructor - Rafael John
  • How to get the best out of this course (audio)
  • Who is this course for
  • What you will become after this course
  • The core of Adobe Illustrator
  • Fill and Stroke - the building blocks of any artwork within Illustrator
  • The Pen Tool - Understand paths and creating simple complex shapes
  • Layers - Understand Create and Manage your layers efficiently
  • Blending modes - You only need two
  • Review of this section
  • The importance of workflows and why learning the software is not enough
  • Setting up your workspace - Your customized illustrator experience
  • Keyboard shortcuts - The first step to efficient and professional game art
  • Isolation Mode - Bring more focus on the artwork you are creating
  • Grouping - Organize your game art to avoid headache
  • Locking and Hiding - be more efficient in organizing your game artwork
  • Shape Builder tool: Your Next best tool- Workflows and Tips
  • Masking - The feature similar to shape builder tool - Only non-destructive
  • Artbrush - The best tool for detailing your artwork - Practical uses and samples
  • Smooth Tool
  • Exporting Mobile Game ready artworks
  • Review of this section
  • Putting everything together and creating your first game art prop
  • Importance of reference and why your artwork is only as good as your refernce
  • Tools to use
  • Game Prop Series - Blocking out the design
  • Shading the Wooden Handle and Axe Blade
  • Detailing the Barbarian Axe- Adding Scratches and Dirt
  • Adding the final touches for our final Game Art
  • Review of this section
  • Material Study – Wood
  • Material Study – Rocks
  • Material Study – Gold Coins
  • Conclusion

Course Requirements

No Prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or any art concept needed! Adobe Illustrator CS4 and up! or other vector program which has similar tools that I will discuss
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