The Complete Web Application Development Course with Meteor.js

Create impressive Real-Time web applications and games with Meteor.js and MongoDB


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Create impressive web applications with real-time capabilities using Meteor.js, a full-stack JavaScript framework designed to drastically simplify development time and complexity. No server-side or database programming experience is required, but you do need to have basic to intermediate JavaScript skills.

If you come from a different background such as PHP and MySQL, this course will get you up and running with current web trends such as the connected client approach, reactive user interfaces, real-time apps and No-SQL databases.

Pablo Farias Navarro is a software developer and founder of ZENVA. Pablo has been programming since 1996 and has taught programming to over 200k students. By following our usual project-based approach, by the end of this course you’ll have the skills to create solid web applications.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Create highly interactive, real-time Meteor webapps (version 1.3), through 6 Real-World projects
  • Store, retrieve and manipulate data with MongoDB
  • Project-based approach from the start, but also including lessons with some theory
  • User signup, authentication and proper data validation
  • How to structure the folders and files in your projects
  • Give your apps superpowers with external community packages
  • Style your apps with Bootstrap 3
  • Integrate with the Phaser game engine to create real-time games
  • BONUS: this course includes a short bonus module on the basics of Phaser


What is Meteor.js?

Meteor.js is an Open Source framework to create full-stack JavaScript applications in a fraction of the time. Through out this course you will learn, from total scratch, how to use Meteor to create highly interactive webapps.

One of the main features of Meteor is that is allows the easy creation of real-time apps, where changes in the server database are propagated to all connected clients. Think of how Facebook and Google Docs show real-time alerts and changes made by other users.

meteor technology stack


Learn Meteor by building projects

After having taught programming to over 100k students at ZENVA, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to learn is by building Real-World Applications. This course includes 6 projects + a BONUS module to learn the basics of Phaser.


Project 1 – Real-Time Message Board

meteor message board


Project 2 – E-commerce Sales Log (MongoDB Basics)

meteor mongo course



Project 3 – Cooking Recipe App

meteor cooking recipes app


Project 4 – Stock Market App

stock market meteor app


Project 5 – Real-Time Sprites with Phaser and Meteor

realtime phaser


Project 6 – Cloud Leaderboard in Phaser Games

phaser meteor leaderboard

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    Basic to intermediate JavaScript skills.

Create impressive Real-Time web applications and games with Meteor.js and MongoDB

  • Lifetime, 24/7 access
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  • Certificate of completion


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