Multiplayer Game Development with Unity

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Product Description

Ever wanted to create real-time multiplayer games without having to build your own cloud infrastructure from scratch?

This course will enable you unlock the full potential of multiplayer development with Unity and it’s in-built Multiplayer Service, which allows anyone to quickly create and deploy multiplayer games.

Leverage your existing Unity skills and learn how to create and setup multiplayer games with Unity’s Network as you develop your very first real-time multiplayer space shooter.

Course author

Renan Oliveira is a game developer and author of the book Game Development for Human Beings. Renan has already taught two courses on multiplayer game development with different frameworks, and written tutorials on a myriad of topics including procedural level generation, game mechanics and RPG creation.

Learning goals

  • Building a multiplayer space shooter game from scratch with Unity
  • Using the Multiplayer Service in Unity to create real-time multiplayer experiences
  • Working with the Network Manager to set the behavior of the different game objects across players
  • Local player authority
  • Synchronizing object movement, prefab spawning and animations
  • Creating and joining multiplayer matches


Course Requirements


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