Multiplayer Game Development with Unity [2017]

Ever wanted to create real-time multiplayer games without having to build your own cloud infrastructure from scratch? Unlock the full potential of multiplayer development as you build a real-time multiplayer space shooter game with Unity and its in-built Multiplayer Service, which allows anyone to quickly create and deploy multiplayer games.

You will learn how to: 

  • Build a multiplayer space shooter from scratch with Unity
  • Create real-time multiplayer experience using Unity’s Multiplayer Service
  • Set the behavior of the different game objects across players using the Network Manager
  • Implement local player authority
  • Synchronize object movement, prefab spawning and animations
  • Create and join multiplayer matches

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This course has been extensively reviewed and authorized by Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity Engine.

As an Authorized Learning Partner, our approved Unity courses satisfy the highest standards in terms of both quality and relevancy.

Course author

Renan Oliveira is a game developer and author of the book Game Development for Human Beings. Renan has already taught two courses on multiplayer game development with different frameworks, and written tutorials on a myriad of topics including procedural level generation, game mechanics and RPG creation.


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