Fundamentals of Node.js

Node.js from Zero to Hero

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Learn to program server-side JavaScript applications with Node

Product Description

Create impressive web applications with Node.js

Any IT professional or hobbyist anticipating a solid understanding of how Node.js based Web Applications work, how they’re designed, administered, and developed needs to enroll in this course. This not only includes web, mobile, and service application developers, but also architects, UI designers, testers, and administrators. This course provides a solid understanding of how to get Node.js Web App projects up and running.

  • Code a Node.js Project with an Online IDE
  • Understand what Node.js is, and isn’t
  • Use GIT with a Node.js project
  • Use Express in a Node.js Web App
  • Use NPM to manage Node.js packages
  • Kickstart a Node.js Web App with Bootstrap.js
  • Use Bower to manage UI dependencies in Node
  • Leverage Gulp to manage code quality, build, & testing
  • Use a templating engine with Node & Express
  • Understand routing with Express
  • Add a NoSQL database to a Node.js project


  • Welcome to Node.js- Simple & Complete!
  • How This Will Go
  • Project introduction
  • Setup
  • Summary Section 1
  • Introduction Section 2
  • What are Node.js & Express
  • Try Node from Command Line
  • Set up a Node.js app
  • Use Git With
  • Summary Section 2
  • Introduction Section 3
  • Get Express Set Up
  • Create an NPM Start script
  • Routing with Express
  • Summary Section 3
  • Introduction Section 4
  • Use A Bootstrap Template
  • Configuring Resources
  • Manage Ui Components With Bower
  • Summary Section 4
  • Introduction Section 5
  • Use JSHint In Gulp
  • Inject Dependencies With Wiredep
  • Injection With Gulp-Inject
  • Watch Changes With Nodemon
  • Summary Section 5
  • Introduction Section 6
  • Review of Templating Engine Options
  • Begin With Ejs
  • Put Ejs To Work-1
  • Summary Section 6
  • Introduction Section 7
  • Use A Router
  • New Pages
  • Separate Code Into Different Files-1
  • Wire Our New Pages Back
  • Summary Section 7
  • Introduction Section 8
  • Get MongoDB Set Up
  • Get Events Data Ready-1
  • Write Code to Insert-1
  • Query Mongodb and Display-1
  • Summary Section 8
  • Introduction Section 9
  • What Now
  • Thank You

Course Requirements

You should have, minimally, some experience in creating web UI’s with Javascript frameworks(s) i.e. jQuery, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, Angular

You should have some development experience with a common database i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, any NoSQL

You should have a familiarity with the concept of back-end, or server-side components in web applications

You should have a familiarity with the concept of back-end, or server-side components in web applications

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