Phaser 101 – Introduction to Game Development

Build your own HTML5 game by exploring Phaser 3!

In today’s busy world, cross-platform games have begun to dominate the game development market. Whether for mobile or something players can play on a web browser, skills with creating a JavaScript-based game have proven essential to developer success. This is why Phaser 3, a JavaScript library specifically built for HTML5 game development, has become the talk of the community and a top contender when it comes to cross-platform games.

Through this free game tutorial, you’ll explore Phaser 3 and how using Phaser can help you create a game that’s compatible with many different devices. In addition, you’ll also explore common foundations to all of game development, such as game objects, transforms, and more. By the end, not only will you have explored key components of using Phaser, but also gained the skills needed for making your first Phaser game!

You will learn how to:

  • Set up the Phaser 3 development environment
  • Render sprites & graphic components
  • Scale and flip rendered graphics
  • Rotate objects in various ways

Basic skills in JavaScript and a local web server installed

Tools and Frameworks

Phaser 3.3.0, npm 5.6, Node.js 8.11

Get acquainted with the basics of game development in Phaser 3.

  • On-demand, 24/7 access

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