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Phaser E-book – Interphase

Grab the Internet’s most comprehensive Phaser book by the creator of the framework Richard Davey

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$20 $15
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Interphase is a book for Phaser developers of all skill levels.

With 400 pages of content you’ll find detailed articles, game development “Making Of” guides and tutorials, written using Phaser 2.x.

As well as the book you get all the source code, graphics, and assets to go with it, as well as lots of extras too.

Contents include:

A Guide to the Phaser State Manager

A comprehensive to using States in Phaser. It explains the internal workings of the State Manager, describing what the reserved properties and methods are, how to use them and how they can make your code more concise.

It also includes lots of example source code. If you’ve ever wondered how, or why, to logically split your game up then this guide is for you.

8 ‘Making Of’ Guides

Interphase contains 8 complete games. Each is finished to a high standard. With clearly named variables, logical structures, and professional original pixel art. The detailed ‘Making Of’ guides for each game will teach you different aspects of Phaser.

You’ll learn how to use P2 Physics by building a game of 8 Ball Pool. The 10 Second Clicker introduces shaders and adding your own uniforms to them. Create a bitmap based particle emitter in Lazer Dash and loads more. Check out the full contents list for details.

Full source code, graphics, and extras are included for all 8 games.

Each game also has a Debug Mode built in, so you can hit the D key to view all kinds of debug data specific to the game. From physics bodies to aim lines, it’s a very useful way to learn. Here’s the 8 Ball Pool game with Debug mode enabled:

These are not your average ‘beginners guides’. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Tile Map scanning
  • Level design with Tiled
  • Using shaders in your game
  • Adding uniforms to shaders
  • Revolute Constraints in P2 Physics
  • Collision detection and hit boxes
  • Bitmap Particle Emitters
  • Creating underwater turbulence
  • Screen sized bitmap fonts
  • Multi-axis tweening
  • Object pools and object re-use
  • Creating a billiards game in P2
  • Making sprites shake

All games were written using Phaser 2.4.4.

Extra Tutorials

As well as guides on how to make the 8 games we’ve also got extra tutorials that focus on one specific topic.

For example, there’s a tutorial on recent advancements to the Phaser Loader – it may sound dull, but it can cut your game code down dramatically!

Or how about a tutorial on plotting the trajectory of Arcade Physics sprites so you can determine where they will land? Or how to build a flip-screen tilemap game? It’s all in here.

Hidden Content

Make sure you explore the ‘Cover Disk’ folder carefully – because we’re hiding a couple of little treats in there especially for you 🙂



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