Pixel Art with GIMP for Beginners

Pixel Art is one of the most popular and recognizable graphic styles in games. Discover how to create modern Pixel Art graphics and assets using GIMP – the free and highly versatile image editing program. From basic asset design steps such as shading and color selection, to character design and dynamic poses, you’ll be creating high-quality games and assets – no experience required. With assets that can be imported into many other programs (such as Unity and Phaser), you’ll gain skills that will enable you to give your games a modern and professional look.

You will learn how to: 

  • Set up the pencil, eraser, and visibility Grid in GIMP
  • Create basic monster forms, such as a slime and a ghoul
  • Build a Mario-like character
  • Develop and assemble terrain tiles and sets
  • Troubleshoot common issues faced by artists and asset designers

About the Instructor


Rachelle Tanase is the instructor for this course, and she is currently a Web Developer that loves video games, as well as the work behind them!

To complete this course you will need to download and install Gimp (free program).

Tools and Frameworks

GIMP 2.8.22

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