Procedural 2D Dungeons [2019]

This course has been deprecated and is no longer supported.  For our latest courses on procedural dungeon generation, consider trying our evergreen curriculums with a 1-Year Unlimited Access Package.

Dungeons are a key part of many RPGs, and although playing through a dungeon is fun, creating a large dungeon that features varied rooms can very quickly become tedious. Enable your game to do most of this hard work by learning how to procedurally generate your dungeons! In this course, you will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to procedurally generate multiple rooms in Unity, all of which feature randomly added objects and enemies.

Discover how to: 

  • Generate the level using Unity Tilemap features
  • Dynamically add tiles to the level to act as obstacles
  • Randomly add other objects (such as enemies) to your dungeon
  • Implement player movement
  • Connect generated rooms together
  • Add quest goals to your game
  • Lock all doors in a dungeon until all enemies have been defeated

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Intermediate Unity skills

Tools and Frameworks

Unity 2018.2

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