Project-Based Next.js – Games Website

Put your knowledge of Next.js into practice by building a static, server-rendered game portfolio website.


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Further your knowledge of Next.js, the minimalist framework that allows you to build static, server-rendered React Apps. You’ll cement your knowledge by putting it into practice, and creating a game portfolio website.

You will learn how to:

  • Create the project and add images
  • Implement custom display blocks for images, titles, and descriptions
  • Build secondary pages
  • Apply Bootstrap and custom styling
  • Mask the URL with server-side support

Frameworks and tools covered: Node.js 11.10.0, npm 6.7, Express 4.16.4, React 16.8.2, Next.js 8.0.1, Bootstrap 4.3

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    Basic to intermediate HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React experience

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