Python 101 – Introduction to Programming

Take your first steps into programming with Python!

Every piece of software you come across is fundamentally designed to adhere to a certain set of instructions. In the world of technology, we know these instructions as ‘coding’, and the sequence and regulations they follow are what we call ‘algorithms’.

In this course, we delve into these critical concepts using Python Turtle – which allows you to command a “turtle” to mimic a pen drawing on paper. You’ll use it to draw different shapes, fill them, alter their hues, and more – all using simple and user-friendly coding snippets. You’ll also explore how the sequence – i.e. the order of execution – affects the final outcome the program produces.

The knowledge you gain will lay a solid foundation for any Python project and give you the fundamentals needed to dive into other coding concepts.

You will learn how to:

  • Comprehend programming terminology
  • Draw primitive shapes
  • Alter shape appearances
  • Design algorithms
  • Create sequences of commands
  • Apply coding concepts practically

… and more!

A browser with an internet connection.

Tools and Frameworks

Python 3.8.2, Replit

Master Python – the beginner-friendly programming language used for AI, games, apps, data science, web development, and more!

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