Generative AI Coding Academy

Build AI apps with Python!

One of the fastest-growing technology trends, AI and Large-Language Models (LLM) are revolutionizing industries with their ability to automate tasks, boost productivity, and provide a personalized user experience.



The Python AI Chatbot Academy

The Generative AI Coding Academy is the world’s most comprehensive collection of courses on learning Python and generative AI development. You’ll learn to build AI applications using tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google PaLM, and LlamaIndex, while being guided step-by-step through creating real Python projects, including:

  • A medical diagnosis bot
  • A bot that summarizes articles
  • A web-based education bot that trains you for interviews and certifications
  • A company hub that answers questions using data from multiple sources

…and more.



These courses will put you on the AI development fast track – you’ll go from zero to creating chatbots and AI applications. You’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of how these technologies work, so you can apply them to your own Python projects – including apps, machine learning programs, and more.


  • Python programming fundamentals
  • Building interactive AI apps
  • Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT models
  • Creating web-based chatbots
  • Querying data from multiple sources
  • Real-world applications of AI


Your AI Chatbot Portfolio

Create a portfolio of Python AI projects, showcasing your skills in generative AI development:


Who can take these courses?

We start with the absolute basics and go through everything step-by-step – so even if you have zero experience in programming, you’ll be able to easily follow along. Python’s simple syntax reads almost like plain English – making it incredibly easy to use, and the perfect choice for creating AI apps.

More experienced? Whether you’re wanting to brush up, expand your skills, or learn a new technology, our courses are structured in a way that makes it easy to skip ahead to the lessons that are relevant and interesting to you.


Understand the Concepts Behind Chatbot Development

Go beyond surface-level content and gain a solid understanding of the concepts behind AI development – that way, you’ll more easily be able to apply them to making unique apps of your very own.



Python AI Chatbot Academy - Level 1 Learning

Level 1: Python Fundamentals
  • Coding principles
  • Algorithms
  • Project management
  • First apps with Python Turtle

Python AI Chatbot Academy - Level 2 Learning

Level 2: Real-World Medical App
  • Interactivity
  • Logic control
  • Testing
  • Real-world impacts

Python AI Chatbot Academy - Level 3 Learning

Level 3: Your First AI Chatbot
  • ChatGPT API fundamentals
  • Prompt engineering
  • Web data retrieval
  • Error handling & security

Python AI Chatbot Academy - Level 4 Learning

Level 4: Web-Based Chatbot
  • Interactive conversations
  • Prompts for quiz generation
  • Web rendering with Gradio
  • Environmental variables

Python AI Chatbot Academy - Level 5 Learning

Level 5: AI-Powered Company Hub
  • LLM fundamentals
  • LlamaIndex
  • Querying custom data
  • Multiple data sources

Python AI Academy - Level 6

Level 6: Google PaLM
  • Google PaLM API
  • Managing input and output
  • First Google PaLM app


Reinforce Your Learning with Challenges

The best way to cement your knowledge is to actively practice what you’ve learned. Our courses make this easy by featuring quick challenges, so you can ensure that you’re retaining your new skills.


Quiz example from the Python Mini-Degree


Courses by the World’s Best 

Our course instructors aren’t just fun to learn from – they’re qualified coders who have been formally certified for their excellent programming and teaching skills. That way, you can be confident that you’re developing strong, modern skills that will set you up for success as a developer.


Why Learn Python and AI Development?

Python is an incredibly versatile programming language, widely used in industries such as web development, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

By learning Python and AI development, you will be prepared to create advanced, interactive AI applications that can revolutionize the way people communicate with technology.