Python Mini-Degree – 12 Courses to Learn and Master Python [Pre-Order]

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From Zero to Expert. Learn Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Game Development and Internet of Things (IoT) App Development.

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We are in the process of recording course #12 and setting everything up in our platform. Both Kickstarter backers and pre-orders will be given full access to the content over the next few days. Aiming for the last week of April – first week of May at the very latest. Access to the bonus Codemurai courses will be given at the same time.

A Project-Based Approach to Becoming a Python Programming Expert

The Python Mini-Degree is a bundle of 12 online video courses, that go all the way from teaching you how to code in Python while making a game, to building your own Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications using Computer Vision and Machine Learning.


 Courses Included in the Python Mini-Degree












Course #12: Introduction to Deep Learning

BONUS: 2 Interactive Python Courses

A gift to our backers. By enrolling in the Python Mini-Degree you’ll get access to two interactive Python courses on our mobile app Codemurai (available on Android and iOS).



Course Author – Learn from Experts!

Computer vision expert Mohit Deshpande will be the main instructor. Mohit is a researcher at the Ohio State University, and has authored several online courses and books on programming in topics such as Python, Java, Swift, Android and iOS.

The first course of the Python Mini-Degree will be authored by Pablo Farias Navarro, founder of ZENVA and author of The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Platinum Edition (15 games).

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Our Students Publish Real Games and Apps

At ZENVA we encourage all of our students to build and publish real projects. The source code and assets of every single game are included, and you can use them on your own projects and Github porfolio.

If you get stuck, there is a discussion area where you can ask questions, meet other students and showcase your work!


 Unlock Your Completion Certificate

Upon course completion of the Python Mini-Degree you’ll get a Completion Certificate that can be verified via URL and shared on LinkedIn to impress potential clients and employers.

Course Requirements

No prior knowledge is required to enroll!