Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 3

Project-Based Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 3

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Used by both startups and large companies,Bootstrap is the most popular tool for building responsive websites

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$29 $7


Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive websites

Used by both startups and large companies, Bootstrap has become a most-have tool for any web developer.

In this ZENVA online training you’ll learn the basics of Boostrap 3 by the hand of Ashley Menhennett, programmer, web developer and designer from Australia. Ashley is also a technical writer at our development community HTML5 Hive  and has authored other ZENVA titles as well.

This is a project-based course, where you’ll be building a responsive website for a fictional designer shop. The site uses the main components and techniques that Bootrap provides, and looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Get started with Bootstrap 3 and create beautiful and professional websites!

Learn Bootstrap 3         Learn Responsive Web Development


Course Requirements

-Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

-A code editor (we'll be using Sublime) and a web browser (we'll be using Chrome).
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