Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 3

Project-Based Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 3

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Used by both startups and large companies,Bootstrap is the most popular tool for building responsive websites

Product Description

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive websites

Used by both startups and large companies, Bootstrap has become a most-have tool for any web developer.

In this ZENVA online training you’ll learn the basics of Boostrap 3 by the hand of Ashley Menhennett, programmer, web developer and designer from Australia. Ashley is also a technical writer at our development community HTML5 Hive  and has authored other ZENVA titles as well.

This is a project-based course, where you’ll be building a responsive website for a fictional designer shop. The site uses the main components and techniques that Bootrap provides, and looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Get started with Bootstrap 3 and create beautiful and professional websites!

Learn Bootstrap 3         Learn Responsive Web Development


Course Requirements

-Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

-A code editor (we'll be using Sublime) and a web browser (we'll be using Chrome).
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