RPG Academy – From Zero to Creating Games [2019]

This is the 2019 edition of this curriculum, and as such, it won’t be updated any further. The evergreen edition can be accessed through our subscription here.

Zenva’s RPG Academy is the world’s first on-demand curriculum designed to teach ANYONE how to code and build impressive 2D and 3D RPGs with Unity.

Learn to craft your own enticing and dangerous worlds with Unity, a free and highly popular game development engine, and discover just how rewarding it can be to see your players explore the adventures that you’ve created for them.

Learn with fully authorized courses

This curriculum has been extensively reviewed and authorized by Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity Engine.

As an Authorized Learning Partner, our approved Unity courses satisfy the highest standards in terms of both quality and relevancy.

100% Beginner-Friendly

If you’ve never coded before your journey will begin with a module that introduces Unity and the C# programming language by teaching you how to build a simple action RPG.

Once you have a solid foundation of Unity and C#, we’ll present you with an assortment of modules covering different RPG mechanics such as battles, map exploration, non-player characters (NPCs) and crafting systems.

Finally, you’ll progress the more advanced modules, which cover topics such as artificial intelligence, state machines and C# programming patterns.


Get 3 Bonus Interactive Courses

By backing this campaign you’ll also get access to 3 interactive C# and Unity courses in our mobile applications Codemurai (available on Android and iOS).

Start Building Games with Expert Instruction

The curriculum of this program has been designed by Pablo Farias Navarro, certified Unity developer and founder of ZENVA, where he has taught game development to over 300,000 students from all over the world.

As part of his work in coding education, Pablo was invited to join the Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft Bizspark and Oculus Start programs, and has run game programming workshops in San Francisco, Brisbane and Bangalore.