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Learn to create your own RPG games with Phaser


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Have you ever wanted to create games with vast worlds to explore, compelling characters and dungeons filled with monsters and treasure? My name is Renan Oliveira. I’m a software engineer, game developer, and co-author of the book Game Development for Human Beings.



In this course, you will learn to create your own impressive RPG games using JavaScript and Phaser (version 2.x). Some of the topics you will learn include:

  • Creating world maps and dungeons using open source tools
  • Turn-based battles with magic attacks
  • Player level ups and UI screens
  • Classic RPG towns with non-player characters
  • Saving your game progress in the cloud with Firebase

Course requirements:

  • Intermediate JavaScript skills
  • Basic familiarity with Phaser is recommended, although not strictly required as we are including a Phaser 101 module.

Join us and build your own RPG games!

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    Basic to intermediate JavaScript skills.
    Basic Phaser skills.

Learn to create your own RPG games with Phaser

  • Lifetime, 24/7 access
  • Professional-grade video lessons
  • Certificate of completion


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