Strategy Game Development Academy

Strategy Game Development Academy

Dive into strategy game development and learn to create turn-based games, real-time strategy games, resource management games, and more – all within Unity.


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Welcome to the Strategy Game Development Academy! Covering one of the core pillars of game development, this curriculum will help you to master the creation of strategy games using the Unity engine.

Learn while designing and building your own projects from scratch – from reusable systems such as technology trees, to complete games, including turn-based gamesreal-time strategy gamesresource management games, and multiplayer strategy games.

These courses will not only provide you with the strong fundamentals needed to develop your dream strategy game, but also the in-demand skills that will allow you to jump into the game development industry with an impressive portfolio.

This curriculum covers:

  • Strategy game mechanics
  • Incorporating resource management
  • Turn-based and real-time formats
  • Enemy AI and state machines
  • Multiplayer games with Photon networking


Learn with Certified Instructors

This curriculum has been designed by a Unity Certified Instructor, in collaboration with Unity Certified Programmers, who have been recognized by Unity Technologies for their demonstrated excellence in Unity skills and teaching.

As an Authorized Learning Partner, Zenva’s courses satisfy the highest standards in terms of both quality and relevancy.


100% Beginner-Friendly

This curriculum gives you all the tools needed to develop strategy-based games – featuring introductory modules for those who have never coded before, to intermediate courses perfect for more experienced developers looking to branch out into new specializations, this Academy is designed to help you succeed.

Flexible Learning Options

With a multifaceted learning approach featuring video lessons, interactive exercises, and PDF summaries, you will learn how to create strategy games with unit movement, resource management, and more using the power of the popular Unity game engine.

Learn from Expert Instructors

We’ve helped over 500,000 developers, innovators, and life-long learners gain the skills to realize their dreams and make a positive impact in the world through technology and games.

Our instructors participate in elite developer programs and have been recognized for their demonstrated excellence in programming skills and teaching.

Bonus Interactive Courses

As a bonus, by backing this campaign you’ll receive access to 3 bonus courses in our mobile app Codemurai (available on Android and iOS), so that you can cement your learning with interactive lessons and exercises.

Why Learn to Develop Strategy Games?

Strategy games are one of the most popular genres available, particularly on PCs where it is listed as one of the top three genres that users play.  Even the profitable mobile sector is seeing a drastic uptake in revenue with the strategy game genre, making it a lucrative genre to pursue for the future.  With worldwide game revenue also increasing with newfound technology, graphics, and more, strategy games present ample opportunities for new and experienced developers to create popular and profitable games for many years to come!

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