Swift for Beginners

Swift for Beginners (version 1)


Learn Swift, Apple’s new programming language, to create iOS and OS X apps

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Product Description

Swift for Beginners

Upgrade your coding skills and learn SWIFT, Apple new programming language, from scratch.

Swift is Apple’s new programming language used to create iOS and OS X applications.

Whether you are new to programming or an experienced developer, this course will provide you with a quick way to jump into the world of iPhone, iPad and OS X app development by learning how to code in Swift (version 1).

Mohit Deshpande, professional app developer and app trainer for Android and iOS, will be your instructor through out this ZENVA original title.

Course modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Constants and Variables
  3. Operators
  4. Strings
  5. Collection Types
  6. Control Flow
  7. Functions
  8. Closures and Enumerations

**No prior programming knowledge is needed to take this course**


Will I get a certificate after course completion?

Yes 🙂

Zenva Academy diploma

By completing any course at Zenva Academy you will be awarded with a completion diploma which can be verified via URL and exported to LinkedIn to boost your career and impress potential employers.


  • Course Intro
  • Installing XCode and Playground
  • Constants and Variables
  • Numbers
  • Booleans
  • Tuples
  • Optionals
  • Basic Operators
  • Unary and Compound Operators
  • Conditional and Ternary Operators
  • Range Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • String Literals
  • String Mutability and Concatenation
  • Strings and Characters
  • String Interpolation
  • String Comparison
  • Array Literals
  • Accessing or Modifying an Array
  • Iterating Through an Array
  • Dictionary Literals
  • Accessing or Modifying a Dictionary
  • Iterating Through a Dictionary
  • While and Do-While Loops
  • For Loops
  • Conditional Statements
  • Switch Statement - Part 1
  • Switch Statement - Part 2
  • Control Transfer Statements
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Functions Basics
  • Function Parameters
  • Functions as Variables and Nested Functions
  • Introduction to Closures
  • Introduction to Enumerations
  • Swift Challenge
  • Swift Challenge - Solution
  • Conclusion

Course Requirements

You need an Apple computer and an Apple Developer license to publish iOS and OS X apps and download the SDK.


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