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Master web and game development fundamentals with this eBook collection.

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$175 $19
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Gain a solid foundation in both web and game development with this comprehensive eBook collection, no experience required. Featuring Zenva’s most popular eBooks in PDF, .epub, and .mobi format with all source code and assets included, this is everything that you need to get started with development.

Included in this collection:

HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners

Take your first step towards web development by learning HTML5 and CSS3. Beginning with HTML, you’ll master important basics including structure, paragraphing, text modifiers, images, video, audio, tables and forms, and headers and footers. Progressing through to CSS, you’ll learn how to incorporate color, fonts, the CSS Box Model, opacity, box shadow and border radius, and more.

Node.js for Beginners

Master the fundamentals of Node.js, the C++ engine perfect for writing server-side applications using JavaScript. From installation, to creating a REST API with Node.js and Express, working with MySQL, and more, this eBook teaches must-have skills for anyone interested in web development

Phaser 3 Game Development for Beginners

Learn how to create HTML5 games with Phaser 3, the game development library taking the developer community by storm. This eBook will walk you through creating your own “Frogger” style game which is playable on any modern web browser.

Unity 3D Game Development for Beginners

Learn all you need to build your own 3D multi-level platformer with Unity – from adding game components, tackling player and enemy movement, enabling coin rotation and collection and more, this comprehensive guide will give you skills that are transferable to many areas of game development.

VR Game Development for Beginners

This step-by-step guide to developing Virtual Reality games for the GearVR platform begins with the basics of VR game creation in Unity, before walking you through how how to create your own 3D worlds, and shooter and flight simulation games.

Java for Beginners

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Java is now one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. This eBook covers the basics of Java, where you’ll gain the skills needed to create web apps, servers, mobile apps and more with this versatile and popular language.

React for Beginners

Master the fundamentals of React.js – a JavaScript library created by Facebook and made popular for its streamlined ability to create interactive UIs. Beginning with the fundamentals, you’ll then master key web development skills as you  code along with project-based tutorials. Finally, you will put your new skills into practice by building a crossword puzzle game.

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Master web and game development fundamentals with this eBook collection.

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