The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

Impressive 80 hours of content by industry experts


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Now it’s the time to jump ahead of the coming tidal wave of iOS 10 developers. This massive, 80-hour course will immerse you in the basics of iOS programming, and get you up to speed with iOS 10 specifics, like the significantly improved artificial intelligence and Siri function.

  • Master iOS 10 development with 80 hours of content
  • Learn the basics of coding in Swift & building apps in iOS 10
  • Work with iOS 10’s new facial recognition capability
  • Use SiriKit to build apps that function better with Siri
  • Optimize iOS 10’s significantly improved artificial intelligence
  • Build games with SpriteKit Games
  • Develop apps for TVOS, iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch
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    Mac required

    Xcode required (free to download)

    To publish iOS apps you need an Apple Developer License

    No prior coding experience required!