The Complete iOS 9 Development Course – Build 14 Apps with Swift 2

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Find out how to create apps by building over 14 real mobile apps using Xcode 7 and Swift 2 for iOS 9 development.

$29 $7
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$29 $7


Learn iOS 9 development by building real apps today! Everything you need to know to get started in App development is right here at your finger tips. No need to spend hours combing through YouTube or Stack Overflow looking for just the right information or bits of code to help you make apps.

This course has compiled all the information that can get you started on becoming an app developer today. From the first steps of downloading XCode to the culmination of putting your awesome apps up on the App Store. Each section focuses on a different app and will teach the concepts needed for that app in that section.

No long boring lectures of concepts video after video with out making an app. This course gets you to jump in right away and build your first app with in minutes.

Take the first step toward a more lucrative career by enrolling in this course by The Code Lady. This hands-on course teaches iOS 9 development using Swift 2 Programming language by having you actually build apps. With over 9 hours of content, this course is perfect for the complete beginner or anyone who would like to enhance their career options by becoming an app developer.

This is a fun, clearly instructed and concise course that will have you becoming a developer Ninja in no time at all! So invest in your future, earn a higher salary and learn to become an iOS 9 Developer today with The Code Lady!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand how to use TableViews
  • Create apps with Multiple PickerView Components
  • Work with Images in apps
  • Select random numbers
  • Create custom classes
  • Understand how to write functions
  • Decide when to use Variable and when to use Constants
  • How to use Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Edit rows in a TableView
  • Pass data between multiple Views
  • Have an understanding of programming foundations such as if/else statements, switch statements, arrays, variables and constants
  • Use the devices camera and photo library
  • Understanding AVFoundation and AVAudioPlayer to play music
  • Learn MapKit and CoreLocation to find a location and drop a pin
  • Learn to Persist Data with NSUseDefaults and CoreData
  • Submit Apps to the App Store with iTunes Connect


About the instructor

the code lady

Susie Starkman, a.k.a “The Code Lady”, is a computer programming language enthusiast with over 3 years experience in iOS Development. She has a large YouTube following where she shares tutorials on Swift Programming Language. Susie is also the founder of Code Surfers, LLC an after school program that teaches children how to code. Her passion for iOS Development and her natural, easy-going teaching style makes her the perfect instructor for both code newbies and experienced coders. Susie explains not only the “how’s” but the “why’s” as well when she is teaching code.



Course Requirements

Students must have a Mac in order to take this course. The course will demonstrate how to download the software needed to create iOS Apps.

A willingness to learn in a fun and well explained class.

The course assumes that the student may have no prior experience in coding and will walk them through each exercise so that they can start creating apps the first day.

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