The Complete RESTful APIs for Android Course

Increase your mobile development skills with this comprehensive course on RESTful APIs and Kotlin in Android.  This course will walk you through all the steps needed to build a weather forecasting application in Android Studio.  Learn not only how to create robust applications with dynamic data, but the skills necessary to use APIs for your own applications.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your application in Android Studio and test it
  • Retrieve data from an API
  • Convert JSON and XML strings into appropriate Kotlin data classes
  • Handle a variety of backend and frontend errors
  • Manage user input and show data based on their search requests
  • Show changing data in a RecyclerView

…and more.

Course Requirements
Creating a New Project
Creating the Basic UI Layout
Creating a Placeholder TextView
Styling and Setting the Toolbar
Adding a SearchView to the Toolbar
Accessing the SearchView from the ForecastActivity
Implementing the SearchView with a Placeholder
Collapsing the SearchView After a Search
Registering for a Free Weather Data API
Understanding the JSON Response
Adding the GSON Library
Using the JSON to Kotlin Data Class Plugin
Modifying the Generated Data Classes
Understanding the Retrofit Library
Adding Retrofit
Setting up OpenWeatherApiService
Initializing Retrofit
Adding getFutureWeather Function
Using Kotlin Coroutines
API Key via a Request Interceptor
Displaying Data from the API
Adding the INTERNET Permission
Handling No Internet Connection
Making Application Context Available Globally
Creating a ConnectivityInterceptor
Testing the App Without the Internet
Why Not All Code is Inside an Activity
Adding ViewModel Dependencies
Creating a ForecastViewModel
Understanding LiveData
Adding LiveData to the ForecastViewModel
Accessing the ViewModel from ForecastActivity
Observing LiveData and Populating the UI
Handling the NoConnectivityException
Error Messages in the Activity
Showing and Hiding the Error Message
Adding a Loading Indicator
Showing a Loading Indicator while Waiting
Handling Incorrect City Name Exceptions
Adding a RecyclerView
Layout for Displaying ForecastEntries
Writing an Adapter for the RecyclerView
Implementing the ForecastRecyclerAdapter
Implementing the ViewHolder
Showing the RecyclerView
Using Glide to Display Weather Icons
Working with XML
Adding TikXml Dependency
Setting up XML Response Data Classes
Converting XML to Kotlin Data Classes – Part 1
Converting XML to Kotlin Data Classes – Part 2
Switching OpenWeatherApiService for XML API
Converting XML Kotlin Classes to JSON

Basic knowledge of Android, Kotlin, and object-oriented programming.

Tools and Frameworks

Kotlin, Android SDK 4.4, OpenWeatherMap

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