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The one-stop training to becoming a professional VR game developer with Unity. Funded on Kickstarter by +300 backers!

Product Description

Course in the making. Estimated completion: June 2017

Early Access will be given to all pre-orders as soon as the first lectures are ready!

The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development Course is the world’s most comprehensive online course on virtual reality game development with Unity 3D.

No prior knowledge is required. Students will learn and master the foundations of C#, Unity and VR by building a portfolio of 15 immersive games and experiences.

Start a rewarding career in VR. Whether you want to make games for fun, run a startup, or become a professional Unity developer (+160k a year on senior roles), this course contains everything you need to reach your goals. Some of the topics included:

  • Types of VR experiences, player controls and cameras
  • User interface in VR
  • 3D game mechanics
  • Level design including terrain generation
  • Industry best practices on how to organize your code and assets


Development log

19 January 2017

This week we worked on the creation of two VR experiences. The first one was a very simple flying experience that takes place in a beautiful low-poly world:


This will be the first VR project that students will work on, and the main goal will be to build something simple they can run on their device. Also, students will learn to capture input from their headset (Gear VR, Cardboard, Oculus or HTC Vive).

The flying experience is actually the second project within the course. The first project is a 3D multi-level platformer which we’ll use to teach the basics of Unity and C#. Later in the course, I plan to make this game work on VR. That game is already ready since a couple of weeks ago (although not yet skinned – final look will be like Minecraft):


The second game that we worked on this week is a mosquito-killing VR game. In this game, you’ll be attacked by giant mosquitos which trust me, look really scary on VR! In this module we’ll introduce using a reticle to interact with objects in VR, as well as Unity particle effects and skyboxes.


The next project I’ll be working on will be a game similar to Land’s End, where I’ll illustrate how to use teleportation to fixed targets and collect items in VR.


    Course Requirements

    Unity (the free version is fine).
    No prior programming or VR development experience is required
    Recommended: a Google Cardboard or any other VR headset
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