The Ultimate Game Development Course with Construct 2

Learn to make games with Construct 2, a fantastic game-building tool that doesn’t require any programming skills! Construct 2 allows for the creation of all sorts of complex games, which can easily be exported to HTML5 and published to platforms like the Amazon App Store.

The tutorials in this course will walk you through creating and publishing two complete game projects – a jumping, vertical platformer, and a top-down horror survival game, and no prior coding or development experience is required to get started!



  • 62 Lessons
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This course will teach you how to make games with Construct 2, a fantastic game building tool that can be used without the need of programming skills. By dragging and dropping blocks and elements, Construct 2 allows the construction of complex games of all sorts. These games can be easily exported to HTML5.

Moreover, this course also covers how to publish the games you create to the Amazon App Store, which gives you access to millions of potential players.

Through out this course, you will be building two complete game projects:

  • Game #1 Jumping Sally. Vertical platformer game where you have to avoid obstacles and reach the top of the level.
  • Game #2 Crazy Escape. Top-down horror survival game. Collect items and use your torch to scare the ghosts away.

All the source code and asset files are included.

Course authors

This course was created by ZENVA in collaboration with Ankur Prasad, expert in the game industry. Ankur has worked at Microsoft and currently resides at Amazon as the head of partner marketing.


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    No prior programming or game development knowledge required!

    You'll need to download and install Construct 2

    Construct 2 is only available on Windows

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