The ultimate web developer course

The Ultimate Web Development Course

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Learn ALL the major web development technologies in one working project: HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery and AJAX

Product Description

“This has been one of the best web courses ever. It should be used as a model by almost anyone thinking of teaching on the web. It has cleared out nearly a decade of web programming cobwebs. The fact you have made a course which is complete end-to-end is impressive. The fact that code examples all work puts nearly every programming book and most web courses to shame.”

Paul Wolfson, Principal Investigator, Dallas Legal Technology

Taught by freelance developer and experienced online educator Dr. Richard Stibbard, this course takes you in easy steps through the entire process of building an up-to-date web interface which updates its database and HTML on the fly without the need for page refreshes, rather like the ‘Add to Favourites’ function on Youtube or Trivago’s hotel search.

Along the way you will learn how to:

  • structure a website using HTML5
  • apply styling with cascading stylesheets (CSS)
  • convert a static site to a dynamic one using PHP
  • remove inefficient duplicate code
  • use PHP functions to isolate variables
  • use MySQLi and prepared statements for secure database queries
  • manipulate page content immediately with jQuery
  • update the database silently with AJAX
  • upload the project to a web host and deal with important security considerations.
  • PDF version of the course allows full-text search

The course is equally suitable for beginners or more advanced students. For beginners there are step-by-step instructions which take you through every step of the project until all the principles have been covered, and then hand over to assignments which allow you to put into practice what you have learned before you see the solutions.

For learners already familiar with some aspects of web design and development who want to move onto specific points more quickly, incremental working filesand clear guidance are provided at every stage, allowing you to skip lessons you do not need and rejoin the course at any point without losing track of the necessary code.

With studio quality audio, widescreen HD video, and incremental versions of the source code, this efficiently organized course teaches up-to-date coding techniques and gives comprehensive coverage of an important aspect of modern web development.


  • M1 - Introduction
  • M2 - Introducing Komodo Edit
  • M2 - Download Komodo Edit
  • M2 - Configure Komodo Edit
  • M3 - Introducing XAMPP
  • M3 - Download and Install XAMPP
  • M3 - Change Server Timezone
  • M3 - XAMPP Tools and phpMyAdmin
  • M4 - Introducing HTML5
  • M4 - Bare bones HTML - Movies List Page
  • M4 - Bare Bones HTML - Single Movie Page
  • M4 - Bare Bones HTML - Admin Page
  • M5 - Introduction to Styling with CSS
  • M5 - CSS Reset
  • M5 - Styling with Classes and IDs
  • M5 - Applying Classes to index.html
  • M5 - Box Layout
  • M5 - HTML-shiv for IE8
  • M5 - Styling the header and top navigation
  • M5 - Styling the favourites and movie list panel
  • M5 - Styling the footer
  • M5 - Styling the single movie page
  • M5 - Styling the admin pages
  • M5 - Creating background images with a CSS sprite
  • M5 - Cross-browser compatibility check
  • M5 - Validate HTML
  • M6 - Introduction to PHP
  • M6 - Combining PHP and HTML to display strings, variables, and HTML tags
  • M6 - Echoing quote marks - String delimiters
  • M6 - PHP Conditions
  • M6 - Switch ... Case
  • M6 - PHP Loops
  • M6 - PHP Includes
  • M6 - Arrays
  • M6 - Passing variables in the URL
  • M6 - Passing variables without their appearing in the URL
  • M6 - Guarding against missing variables
  • M6 - Functions and variable scope
  • M6 - Passing data to functions with parameters
  • M7 - What is a Database
  • M7 - Create a database, add tables
  • M7 - Insert data
  • M7 - Import data
  • M7 - Select records
  • M7 - Update existing database records
  • M7 - Select favourites
  • M7 - Delete records, empty and delete tables and database
  • M8 - Initialise and connect to a database with mysqli
  • M8 - Select all records from a database
  • M8 - Select matching records using WHERE ... AND
  • M8 - SQL injection demonstrated
  • M8 - Combating SQL injection with mysqli real_escape_string
  • M8 - Combating SQL injection with prepared statements
  • M8 - Add data through PHP interface
  • M8 - Delete data through PHP interface
  • M9- Introduction to Section 9 - PHP
  • M9- Efficient, reusable code with PHP includes
  • M9- One index file for single movie and movies list
  • M9- One admin file for users and movies admin
  • M9- Initialise and connect to the favourite movies database
  • M9- Displaying dynamic data - the list of users
  • M9- Convert users list to function
  • M9- Set include paths in parent files
  • M9- User navigation - test if valid user set
  • M9- Set parameters for show users function
  • M9- Parameterised show users function
  • M9- Catching missing and invalid user_id
  • M9- ASSIGNMENT: Write the favourite movies display function
  • M9- The favourite movies display function
  • M9- ASSIGNMENT: Write the non-favourites display function
  • M9- The non-favourite movies display
  • M9- Insert personal greeting on movie list page
  • M9- The single movie display
  • M9- Catching missing and invalid user input - movie_id
  • M9- Catching empty movie-goers table
  • M9- ASSIGNMENT - Catching empty movies table
  • M9- Catching empty movies table
  • M9- Data-dependent title for favourites list
  • M9- Data-dependent welcome in movie list display
  • M9- Data-dependent link on single movie page
  • M9- Dynamic data in movies admin table
  • M9- Dynamic data in users admin table
  • M9- Check again for cross-browser compatibility
  • M9- Validate HTML
  • M9- Format HTML source
  • M10 - Introduction to jQuery
  • M10 - Install Firebug
  • M10 - Basic jQuery syntax
  • M10 - The $(this) selector
  • M10 - Add/remove class and the dynamic event handler 'on'
  • M10 - Retrieving and using HTML attributes
  • M10 - One-way drag-and-drop effect using jQuery UI
  • M10 - AJAX - Update database in the background with no page refresh
  • M10 - ASSIGNMENT - The drag-to-delete AJAX call and PHP script
  • M10 - The drag-to-delete AJAX call and PHP script
  • M11 - Adapt JQuery for project
  • M11 - Toggle background image on mouseover
  • M11 - The click-to-add interface
  • M11 - The drag-to-remove interface
  • M11 - Load generic thumbnail image in case of missing image
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT - The add/remove interface for the single movie page
  • M11 - Add-remove interface for single movie page
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT - Data-dependent headings - Modify PHP
  • M11 - Data-dependent headings - Modify PHP
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT- Data-dependent headings - jQuery
  • M11 - Data-dependent headings - jQuery version
  • M11 - Visual enhancements and AJAX loader icon
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT: Visibility of admin and movie-goer menus
  • M11 - Control visibility of admin menus
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT - Conditional loading of Javascript files
  • M11 - Conditional loading of Javascript files
  • M11 - Movie-goer deletion interface - preliminaries
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT - Movie-goer deletion interface
  • M11 - Movie-goer deletion interface
  • M11 - The movie deletion interface
  • M11 - Add new user interface (1)
  • M11 - Add new user interface (2)
  • M11 - Delete newly inserted database records
  • M11 - Escape HTML output in jQuery
  • M11 - Add new movie interface
  • M11 - Update user interface - firstname
  • M11 - ASSIGNMENT - Full update user interface
  • M11 - Full update user interface
  • M11 - Update movie interface
  • M11 - Catch browsers with Javascript disabled
  • M12 - Security considerations - directory browsing
  • M12 - Prevent directory browsing with .htaccess
  • M12 - PHP redirect out of directories
  • M12 - Accessing AJAX files through AJAX call only
  • M12 - Uploading the project to a webhost
  • M12 - Moving the database connection file out of web directory
  • M13 - Course conclusion and ... what comes next

Course Requirements

A web browser, a code editor and an Internet connection
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