Unity Fruit Ninja

Unity 2D Game Development – Create a Fruit Slicer

Learn 2D game development with Unity by creating your own fruit slicing game


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This title is part of the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree – Build 2D, 3D, Mobile, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality Games

Learn how to build a 2D game by creating a fruit slicing game in the style of Fruit Ninja from total scratch. This engaging introduction to 2D game development is perfect for those who have basic Unity 3D experience, who are looking to expand into 2D game styles.

This course covers: 

  • Using Canvas elements to create a title and game over screens
  • Slicing sprites from spritesheet files
  • Spawning objects at random locations
  • Swiping elements
  • Collision in 2D

About the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

The Unity Game Development Mini-Degree is the most extensive assortment of courses dedicated to shaping you into a master of various fields in game development. Whether you’re a novice, or an adept game developer, this Mini-Degree is what you need to learn the latest in game development. You’ll pick up a whole slew of new technologies ranging from 2D, 3D, Mobile, and Web-based games, to Augmented and Virtual Reality projects. Enroll in the greatest game development bundle this side of the galaxy today.

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  • Basic familiarity with Unity and C#
  • No 2D game development experience is required