Unity 2D Game Development – Create a Fruit Ninja

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Learn 2D game development with Unity by creating your own fruit slicing game

Product Description

Learn to create 2D games in Unity by building a Fruit Ninja game from scratch!

In this course aimed at those with basic Unity and C# experience, you’ll be building your very first 2D game by implementing all the basic mechanics of a “fruit slicing” game like Fruit Ninja, starting from scratch. This course aims to be an engaging introduction to 2D game development for people with basic Unity 3D experience.

Learning goals:

  • Implementing a fun 2D game from scratch
  • Creating a title and game over screens using Canvas elements
  • Slicing sprites from spritesheet files
  • Spawning objects at random locations
  • Swiping elements
  • Collision in 2D


Course Requirements

Basic familiarity with Unity and C#. No 2D game development experience is required. If you've completed any of our Unity courses you should be good to go!
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