Create a Classic Atari-Style Game: Rogue Frog with Unity3D

Unity 2D Game Development Projects – Rogue Frog

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Interested in a blast from the past? Enroll in this course to learn how to create an awesome retro-style Rogue Frog game.

Product Description

This course is part of our Create a Classic Atari-Style Game series, where you can learn how to create awesome replicas of the games that dominated the early 80’s and 90’s.

Learn how to create your very own version of the classic Atari games that revolutionized the early days of video gaming and captured the hearts of millions.

You’ll also understand how these groundbreaking titles function and recreate them with Unity3D. Add to your existing portfolio of projects and games by creating a simple and intuitive Rogue Frog-style game through this course.

Learn and become familiar with these subject matters — or brush up on your existing skills

  • Creating the project in Unity
  • Setting up the background tiles and automatic tiling
  • Implementing obstacles and additional sorting layers
  • Moving the player and respecting game boundaries
  • Handling obstacle collisions
  • Managing the score and leveling up
  • Enemy creation, movement, and handling game-ending scenarios

Complete the course to have an astounding rendition of the classic Rogue Frog game with a modern twist!


Course Requirements

Basic to intermediate experience with Unity and C#.