Unity3D from Scratch - The Complete Series

Unity 3D from Scratch – The Complete Series

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Learning how to make your own games in Unity will allow you to bring those ideas into reality in an industry-proven, robust platform which you can download for free.

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This course has been phased out. For current Unity training see this bundle.

This course created by Stone River Elearning is your one-stop to become a cross-platform Unity game developer. Covering from the very basics to more advanced topics, you’ll be able to bring those awesome game ideas into reality.

Courses in this collection are also sold separately.

  1. Introduction to Unity 3D
  2. Hacking Game Development – Create Your First Game in Under an Hour
  3. Unity Scripting for Beginners
  4. Unity 3D Lightning Techniques
  5. Unity3D Shuriken Particle System
  6. Unity Dynamics
  7. Unity 3D Engine Fundamentals


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Course Requirements

Free version of Unity and free version of Blender.
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