Game Development Mini-Degree [Early Access]

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From Zero to Creating Your Own Games with Unity. Build 2D, 3D, Mobile, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Games!

Product Description

Course series in the making! Get Early Access to the modules we have completed. New courses will be added as we record them. Estimated completion: November

Learn to Code and Create YOUR OWN Games

Welcome to the Game Development Mini-Degree, the worlds most effective way to go from zero to creating your own games with Unity.

Get life-long access to a massive collection of online courses covering 2D, 3D, mobile, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, C# programming and game artwork creation.

No prior programming experience is required to enroll. We’ll teach you C# from the ground-up while you build your very first game.

Besides coding you will also learn to create your own game artwork (2D and 3D) using only free tools: Blender, MagicaVoxel, Gimp and Inkscape.

Courses Included in the Game Development Mini-Degree

About ZENVA – Join +200,000 Students!

At ZENVA, we’ve been teaching programming online since 2012 to over 200,000 students, many of whom have used these skills to advance their careers, start companies and publish games.

If you get stuck, there is a discussion area where you can ask questions, meet other students and showcase your work!

Unlock Your Completion Certificate

Upon course completion of the Game Development Mini-Degree you’ll get a Completion Certificate that can be verified via URL and shared on LinkedIn to impress potential clients and employers.


Bundled Products

Unity Game Development - 3D Platformer Game 1 × Master Unity Game Development - Ultimate Beginners Course $15
1 × RPG Game Development with Unity $29
1 × Unity 2D Game Development - Create a Fruit Ninja $15
1 × Unity Game Development - Build a First Person Shooter $15
Unity Game Development - Particle Effects 1 × Unity Game Development - Particle Effects $7
Unity VR Development - Flying Platform Experience 1 × Unity VR Development - Flying Platform Experience $15
Mosquito-Game-VR 1 × Unity VR Development - Night with Mosquitos Game $15
Unity VR Development - Cabin Experience 1 × Unity VR Development - Cabin Experience $50
Blender for beginners 1 × Blender for Beginners - Create Low-Poly 3D Game Assets $15
Voxel Art with MagicaVoxel 1 × MagicaVoxel for Beginners - Create Voxel Game Assets $10