Unity Mini-Degree Expansion Pack [2019]

Take your Unity game development skills to the next level by recreating retro classic and popular games.


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This curriculum is an expansion pack for the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

Have some experience in Unity, but want to expand your knowledge while creating fun and engaging projects? Welcome to the Unity Mini-Degree Expansion Pack, where you’ll master intermediate to advanced Unity techniques while recreating retro classic and popular games.

This set of 5 courses, will teach you crucial game development techniques through a series of hands-on projects.

You will learn about:

  • Tile-based levels and sprites
  • Player character and enemy mechanics
  • Health and damage systems
  • Game saving/loading
  • Cumulative scoring
  • Local Multiplayer

… and more! 

About the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

The Unity Game Development Mini-Degree is the most extensive assortment of courses dedicated to shaping you into a master of various fields in game development. Whether you’re a novice or an adept game developer, this Mini-Degree is what you need to learn the latest in game development. You’ll pick up a whole slew of new technologies ranging from 2D, 3D, Mobile, and Web-based games, to Augmented and Virtual Reality projects. Enroll in the greatest game development bundle this side of the galaxy today.

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3 Projects Included



    This curriculum is an expansion pack for the Unity Game Development Mini-Degree. As it features intermediate to advanced Unity content, it is strongly recommended that you get familiar with Unity and the basics of C# before taking the courses in this curriculum.
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