Video and Optical Flow – Create a Smart Speed Camera [2017]

This course has been archived and is no longer supported.  For our latest courses on Python, consider trying our evergreen curriculums with a 1-Year Unlimited Access Package.

In this course we’ll build an app that tracks object through video and can determine their speed. Our application will be able to capture point in our object and track their position in real-time. Speed reading will be shown on the video.

The big topics we’ll be covering is optical flow, which is what allow us to track points in video. We’ll cover camera intrinsics to understand more in depth how our camera works. We’ll visualize the speed and path using visual optical flow patterns. This course uses Python 3.

Basic to intermediate knowledge of Python. We also recommend that you complete preceding courses from the lineup in the Python Computer Vision Mini-Degree.

Tools and Frameworks

Python 3.6 (updated for Python 3.7), Anaconda 5.2, NumPy 1.16, OpenCV-Python 3.4.2

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