Visualize Data with Excel Charts

Create functional and beautiful charts in Excel!

As a visual species, data visualization – which includes charts – is paramount when presenting data to others. Not only are charts easier to read, but allow businesses and individuals to make effective conclusions much quicker about their data. They are also used in many different areas of life, from business meetings to simple infographics you might find on the web.

Using example sales data, you’ll learn to build bar charts, combo charts, interactive charts, and more to represent your data. You’ll also discover various ways to display and change the charts’ aesthetics, allowing you to create the look you need for your project.

Whether professionally or personally, charts will help you make comprehensive and meaningful insights from your data like never before and give you one of the most important skills with Excel.

This course assumes basic familiarity with Excel.

You will learn how to:

  • Create basic charts from datasets
  • Format chart elements and overall appearance
  • Utilize chart templates for faster creation
  • Combine chart types into a single chart
  • Build a dropdown for interactive chart display
  • Use Sparklines to analyze data trends

A basic working knowledge of Excel.

Tools and Frameworks

Microsoft Excel 2019

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