Visualize Data with Excel Charts

Visualize Data with Excel Charts

Get new and meaningful insights into your data by mastering chart creation in Microsoft Excel.


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  • 1 hours of video
  • Certificate of completion
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Master data presentation and learn to create functional and beautiful charts in Microsoft Excel. Using sales data, you will create bar charts, combo charts, interactive charts, and more – all while learning to expertly format them in various layouts. This knowledge will allow you to benefit from the comprehensive and meaningful insights that can be gained through data visualization.

You will learn how to:

  • Create basic charts from data in a spreadsheet
  • Format chart elements, labels, and overall appearance
  • Utilize chart templates to speed up chart creation
  • Combine chart types into a single chart
  • Build a dropdown to interactively display different charts
  • Use Sparklines to quickly analyze data trends

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    A basic working knowledge of Excel.

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