Basic Web Development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Web Dev E-Book – Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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Want to learn the foundations of web development? Previously been confused with complicated jargon and long lines of code? This book is a beginner’s guide to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We use practical, real-life examples that you’ll be able to reference when to create your own coding projects. With our help, your website will be up-and-running in no time!

This book tackles the three most crucial topics of web development:

HTML – You will learn how to use HTML to create the skeleton of a website. Anyone who wants to build a site from scratch needs to know HTML. Topics include: customizing fonts, inserting images, and creating lists.

CSS – Now that you have the backbone of your site, you can stylize it. With CSS, you can customize the design of a site so that it looks exactly how you want it, from adding a menu to adjusting margins.

JavaScript – The final touch your website needs is functionality. JavaScript allows you to set alerts, create buttons, and more! You will be able to interact with your users in more ways than ever before

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