Working with Excel Text Functions

Manipulate text like a pro with Excel’s native text functions!

Text comprises a huge portion of collected data – from names and addresses to lists of favorite animals. Unlike numbers, however, text does not come with the same quality for numerical calculations. Text functions allow individuals to manipulate string data in unique ways for both storing other data values and analyzing presented information. As such, their use in many different sectors has been invaluable for data management.

This course will get you started with Excel’s text functions and show you just how many ways you can manipulate text data to your benefit. Whether you need to combine, split, or analyze various text-based values from different columns, you’ll find techniques that can be applied to many different types of data.

If you plan to work with text at all, text functions will transform your Excel skills to the next level and give you the tools needed to manage billing information, dates, lists, and more.

This course assumes familiarity with Excel and Excel formulas.

You will learn how to:

  • Merge multiple columns with text data
  • Use TEXTJOIN for advanced concatenation
  • Extract and alter text from a cell
  • Manipulate irregular text with FIND and SEARCH
  • Use SUBSTITUTE to dynamically replace text
  • Convert a string/text value into a number

A basic knowledge of using Microsoft Excel and formulas.

Tools and Frameworks

Microsoft Excel 2019

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