Working with Huge Worlds in Unity

Working with Huge Worlds with Unity

Do you have an awesome idea but the thought of handling memory and processing power scares you? Learn how to implement huge open worlds using Unity!


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This title is part of the Game Development Mini-Degree – Build 2D, 3D, Mobile, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality Games

As technology developed, so has our expectations of what we can accomplish with it. Delve into the fascinating universe of developing open-world games and learn how to generate huge open maps, activate/deactivate tiles to improve performance and even add dynamic objects to your game! Excited yet? Take a look at the topics covered below:

What you’ll learn

During this information-packed course, you’ll be learning about:

  • Creating a huge world map using L3DT
  • Importing the texture and height maps into a new Unity Project
  • Adding a first person character into your game
  • Creating and using a Terrain object
  • Splitting your new terrain into tiles and deactivating them to improve performance
  • Implementing texture offsets to your new terrain
  • Adding new objects to your scene (trees, vehicles)
  • Comprehending the difference between static and dynamic objects and use that knowledge to add them to your game
  • Understanding the concept of “Level of Detail” (LOD) and how to implement it using different LOD groups
  • Using the “Fog Effect” to further improve performance

About the Game Development Mini-Degree

The Game Development Mini-Degree is the most extensive assortment of courses dedicated to shaping you into a master of various fields in game development. Whether you’re a novice, or an adept game developer, this Mini-Degree is what you need to learn the latest in game development. You’ll pick up a whole slew of new technologies ranging from 2D, 3D, Mobile, and Web-based games, to Augmented and Virtual Reality projects. Enroll in the greatest game development bundle this side of the galaxy today.



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    Basic to intermediate knowledge of C# and Unity