Protecting the Environment with Unity & Humble Bundle

Lindsay Schardon (Zenva)

October 4, 2021 in Success Stories

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One of the biggest challenges facing current and future generations is creating a sustainable, environmentally-friendly future for all of humanity. As such, STEM is becoming more and more important – whether it’s training engineers to find innovative ways of solving energy needs, or helping the next wave of coders to gain the skills needed to make industrial production more efficient. Considering that we’ll all be needing planet Earth for the foreseeable future, Zenva is proud to help support efforts to not only empower future programmers, but that ensures that the planet we live on stays safe.

Thanks to our partnership with both Humble Bundle and Unity, we were able to participate in the Humble Software Bundle: Unity Fantasy Games & Game Dev Assets,  and include a selection of our courses as part of the larger bundle. Together, we helped out many aspiring game developers, and aided Humble Bundle & Unity in raising a total of $1,401,335 from 57,009 bundles sold.

All these efforts will benefit the fantastic charities below, who are as dedicated to protecting the planet as we are. Foundation

Founded all the way back in 2003, the Foundation is a not-for-profit organization running out of the United States. The goal of the foundation is simple: to provide education and means for individuals and businesses to be able to respond to climate change. The organization provides not only vast amounts of information on how everyone can reduce or offset their carbon emissions, but helps support numerous projects surrounding sustainability, renewable energy, and reforestation. The group also supports key projects for developing countries such as clean water initiatives, ensuring that everyone benefits from their efforts.

As of 2019, the foundation has provided over $1 million in funding per year for the projects it supports, which has allowed it to offset over 25 million metric tons of carbon. Additionally, the company has worked with and benefited over 2000 different companies, including airlines, transportation companies, and more, to further push for more responsible carbon usage.

If you’re interested in working towards a carbon-neutral world, visit the website to learn more about your options!


Oceana is an international, non-profit organization centered around ocean conservation. The group focuses on current major problems the oceans are facing such as overfishing, plastic pollution, and loss of biodiversity. By coordinating across different countries, the organization works on pushing national efforts for policy changes that will, in turn, help our oceans rebound into a healthier state. This includes a heavy emphasis on using science-based fishing measures to provide catching limits, enforce protected habitats, and more.

Since its inception, Oceana has won numerous victories in influencing policy to ensure its mission is achieved. This includes items such as protecting over 4.5. million square miles of ocean from things like bottom trawling, promoting single-use plastic reductions in countries such as Chile, and even helping to get new rules passed to stop illegal commercial fishing in Southeast Asia.

Want to help protect the ocean too? Check out Oceana’s website to learn how you can help.

We’re honored to have participated, and hope these efforts continue to protect the wonderful planet we live on.

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