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Lindsay Schardon (Zenva)

November 19, 2021 in Success Stories

Humble JavaScript Web Development 2021 Bundle

Web development is an extremely important part of our technology ecosystem – it’s the driving force behind how we go about our daily lives and how we come together as a worldwide community. At Zenva, we believe fostering skills with web development and coding is a key factor in not only providing a more secure future, but giving everyone the tools they’ll need to succeed in our increasingly digital economy.

In our effort to support charities with these same ideals in the power of coding, we’ve partnered with Humble Bundle once again for the Humble Software Bundle: JavaScript & Web Development. This bundle, which featured some of our very best web development courses, ran from October 7th, 2021 to November 11, 2021, and raised $151,831 through 9,506 bundles sold.

Funds will be split mainly between the three charities below – which we know will put it to amazing use in helping people of all ages benefit from coding!


Operating out of America since 2013, Code.org is a nonprofit dedicated to pushing computer science as a main focus in K-12 education. They achieve this goal through two main measures. First, they extensively lobby for new legislation that will require schools districts to incorporate more computer science into their curriculums. Second, they provide teachers and students alike with key resources and tools to learn important programming skills – making sure underrepresented groups have the same opportunities.

In addition to this, Code.org pioneered the Hour of Code event movement to make coding more accessible and encourage students to not be afraid to learn these skills.

Since it was created, Code.org has helped 61 million students (including half from marginalized groups), 2 million teachers, and 180 school districts find the coding educational resources they need to succeed. Their reach has also extended beyond just the scope of America and allowed users worldwide to access their content, with courses available in over 67 languages.

Think computer science should be a bigger focus in education? Check out Code.org to learn how you can help!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit organization founded in 2006, is a popular platform focused on providing educational opportunities to a worldwide audience. The platform achieves this by providing free access to practice exercises, video lessons, and more. Khan Academy also aims to provide a wide berth of subjects, including (but not limited to) mathematics, history, computer science, and literature. In so doing, Khan Academy’s hope is that teachers and students alike will have the tools they need to supplement their education and reinforce useful skills.

With 88% of teachers trusting Khan Academy, they’ve been able to reach 50+ countries and provide over 200,000 teachers with extra learning materials to help provide students with a quality education. Through these materials, Khan Academy has been able to make a remarkable difference – even seeing students of theirs gain a 39-point increase for SAT test scores.

If you’re ready to help increase access to education with free materials, be sure to visit the Khan Academy website for more information.

Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a charity with a singular focus on making nicer environments for children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters. In order to do this, the charity’s main business is to gather donations that allow them to buy toys and games for children in these unfortunate situations. Through these actions, their hope is to provide workers and children with an improved experience and better care during what is otherwise a tragic and stressful time.

Since its founding in 2003, the charity has helped over 190 hospitals with its donations, as well as 200 domestic violence centers. In total, it’s raised well over $44,500,000 in donations as well, helping countless kids cope with their circumstances.

Want to improve the quality of life for children in hospitals or domestic violence situations? Check out Child’s Play and find out how you can donate!

We hope these charities continue to thrive long in the future and help us all build a brighter future with coding!

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