Supporting Education and Cancer Research with Humble Bundle

Lindsay Schardon (ZENVA)

April 23, 2021 in Success Stories

Humble Intro to Coding 2021 Bundle

Supporting charities is hugely important to us at Zenva. Whether it’s supporting educational endeavors or helping to cure diseases that affect a great many lives, we’re eager to help fund charities when the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks to our friends at Humble Bundle, we were able to do just that with the Humble Software Bundle: Intro to Code 2021. Featuring a collection of coding courses aimed at beginners, this bundle which ran from March 18, 2021 to April 22, 2021 sold 23,942 bundles. Together with Humble Bundle, we were able to raise $389,604!

The charities that we helped to support are below – we highly recommend checking them out!


Started by a teacher in 2000, DonorsChoose is a charitable crowdfunding platform aimed at helping US teachers fund educational projects for students. Through the platform, donors are able to “choose” which educational projects they wish to help fund – thereby providing all teachers and students alike with the resources and opportunities they need to have amazing educational experiences!

Through the charity’s long history, it has supported over 85,000 schools across America, as well as provided over $1 billion in funding to teachers for their projects. With 4 million citizen supporters and numerous corporate partners, DonorsChoose is well placed to provide students with essential tools that will help them to succeed in their education and futures.

Want to help fund a classroom project? Check out the DonorsChoose website to learn more!

Khan Academy

Founded in 2006, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization focused on education. With its platform, it provides everyone – teachers, students, and the general public alike – access to free educational material in the form of video lessons, practice exercises, and more. The organization strives to not only be available worldwide, but to cover a diverse range of subjects (such as math and history) so as to give everyone the opportunity to enhance their learning.

Over the years, Khan Academy has allowed over 200,000 teachers in 50+ countries to supplement their curriculums with additional learning materials. As a result, many students have seen significant improvements in their grades – even college students saw a 39-point increase in their scores for their SAT tests! Trusted by 88% of teachers, Khan Academy is truly forging the way in increasing access to quality education.

Interested in helping fund free education worldwide? View the Khan Academy website for more details!

Cure Cancer

Cure Cancer is a charity organization in Australia that has been around since 1966. The goal of the organization is simple: it aims to fund newfound cancer researchers as they enter the early stages of their careers. In doing so, they both assist young researchers who are struggling to get grant money in a competitive field, and increase the number of people working to find a cure for cancer. It is their hope that by providing this funding, they can make this generation the last to suffer through cancer.

Over its long existence, Cure Cancer has provided $75.7 million in funding to various cancer researchers. In total, they’ve been able to support 534 grants with this money – helping them achieve their goals of providing life-saving care to cancer patients with newfound medical discoveries.

Ready to help support the fight for a cure? You can learn more on the Cure Cancer website!

All of these charities are working hard to change the world through both education and medical research, and we will watch with anticipation as they bring hope and new opportunities to communities across the world!

Want to learn how to code yourself with beginner-friendly courses? Check out our Intro to Programming Bundle to learn game development, web development, mobile development, and Python.

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